Mind Therapies

Not sure which therapy is right for you? More than one type of therapy or treatment can often help with the same problem. Consider all your options by starting with what it is you’re seeking help with.

Personal Growth

•   Confidence (improve confidence)
•   Decision-making
•   Personal Development / Life & Business Coaching
•   Performance - improve at sport, study, work etc

Mental Health

•   Anxiety, depression
•   Diagnosis of issues
•   Learn to meditate, meet spirit guides, past lives
•   Poor memory and concentration
•   Mental and emotional symptoms: Depression, anxiety, hallucinations, phobias, obsessions, post traumatic distress, grief
•   Everyday versions of racing thoughts, broken hearts, anger, guilt, tense painful bodies
•   Phobia Deletion
•   Stress / Worrying
•   Sleep

Children Therapies

•   ADHD (children)
  Children - learning or  behavioural problems, nightmares, anger, etc.
•   Children/Babies

© Copyright 2010 Anula Healing
© Copyright 2010 Anula Healing